South Gloucestershire Council:

“We already had a robust policy on waste management in place at South Gloucestershire Council and joining the Right Waste, Right Place campaign as an ambassador has reinforced our commitment to our Duty of Care in waste disposal and to ensure partner agencies, stakeholders and appropriate businesses within our area support and implement those best practice principles.

“As an authority we have created and delivered a number of highly successful, pro-active campaigns to support the Right Waste, Right Place agenda. These include our ongoing aim to increase recycling to over 60 per cent by 2020, a call to action to clean up local neighbourhoods and a crackdown on waste carriers allowing litter to escape from their vehicles on our two busiest stretches of the strategic network in South Gloucestershire.

“All these campaign have proved highly successful and have allowed us to positively engage with thousands of residents on recycling, work collaboratively with a record number of local groups to organise spring cleans and connect with every licensed waste carrier in the region to reduce litter on our networks.

“In addition, we will shortly be holding a two-week awareness campaign on fly tipping, its effect on the community and the legal implications for anyone caught fly tipping. As a district, South Gloucestershire Council holds one of the best records in the country for prosecutions relating to fly tipping incidents and in line with our standard procedures, our dedicated Envirocrime officers will thoroughly investigate all incidents during this fortnight and the Right Waste, Right Place scheme will be used as a tool to advise on best practice. We will also be encouraging the public to report all incidents of fly tipping and key messages will be delivered through our social media channels.”

“Our involvement in the Right Waste, Right Place campaign has also encouraged us to consider how we can develop and improve our own waste disposal policy and work with partners and stakeholders to encourage them to do the same.”